‘Making A Murderer’ Review: Stephen Avery’s Story Will Drive You Crazy 

Netflix’s Making A Murderer series is a pretty powerful piece of television. This retelling of the Steven Avery’s false conviction and further murder charge will have you gobsmacked throughout. This documentary series compiles footage taken from real-life testimonies, court cases, and news stories. This tale revolves around the dubious nature by which Avery and his nephew, Brendan Dassey, were both convicted of the murder of Teresa Halbach.

This Netflix series will shock you unlike any other and I guarantee that you’ll be brimming with anger and despair after every episode! The way the show displays the footage makes you feel the complete loss of control felt by Avery and Dassey as they are chewed up by the US legal system. Making A Murderer is a hard hitting Netflix series that will have you gripped throughout.

What Is So Good About Making A Murderer?

'Making A Murderer' Review: Stephen Avery's Story Will Drive You Crazy 

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It’s not a run-of-the-mill drama series – it’s real life! You are left chilled knowing that everything actually happened and the story continues to this day. The murder case of Stephen Avery is infamous for accusations of questionable evidence and odd police interference. From the get-go, you are told that many believe Avery was set up by the police. The means by which evidence and damning witness statements miraculously appear make the show far more shocking and dramatic than most other series on Netflix.

Making A Murderer is extremely well-made. It documents everything that happened to Steven during both times that he was accused of committing a crime. Avery’s dealings with the police were so well documented and publicised that there is an abundance of footage and content to be uncovered. This series is also able to delve deeper with an intimate insight into the lives of the Avery family.

Is Steven Avery Guilty or Innocent?

'Making A Murderer' Review Stephen Avery's Story Will Drive You Crazy Strang Buting

One of the main things people want to know if whether or not Steven Avery is guilty. After watching the show, I feel this is an answer we will never be able to find out. Avery maintains his innocence and courts refuse to re-open his case (Avery is currently serving life in prison with parole). What’s more, the case has now spread too wide. There’s is simply too much doubt as to whether or not anyone involved in the case can genuinely be believed. The case is tainted with too many false claims, allegations, and lies which I think make the case non-rectifiable.

Personally, I think after Making A Murderer I feel that Steven Avery’s verdict should have shown him to be innocence. Regardless of whether or not he did the crime, I believe his court case, as we were shown in the Netflix series, was filled with too much questionable evidence and behaviour from law officials and the Manitowoc Police Department. I think defence lawyers Dean Strang and Jerry Buting were amazing lawyers and showed, time and time again that even the most ‘solid’ DNA evidence is by no means trustworthy.

Playing Devil’s Advocate with Making A Murderer

'Making A Murderer' Review: Stephen Avery's Story Will Drive You Crazy

Whilst I feel suitably persuaded that the verdict should have been innocent. I do feel that the show is definitely set out to demonstrate some of the huge irregularities in the prosecution’s case. The way police officers coerced Brendan Dassey into his false statement is truly shocking, and it almost becomes laughable that prosecutors such as Ken Kratz are able to use this as steadfast evidence.

Yet, taking another step back, we have to consider that the show is by no means trying to prove guilt or innocence. The interview included in this article with Making A Murderer creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi demonstrates that the show is more to show the inescapability of a cruel (and possibly corrupt) justice system.

The Netflix series shows Steven to be a victim of the state simply needing to prosecute someone. Although we are all desperate to find some truth in the Halbach murder case, we should treat the show as a demonstration of a flawed legal system rather than simply a case of proving guilt or innocence.

Is It Worth Watching?

YES. Refreshing is probably the wrong word, but it was certainly extremely interesting to watch a factual and documentary series in the style of Making A Murderer. It’s a series that will get you talking and will certainly get your riled up! There is so much depth and intrigue to the Avery case that will get you lost down a rabbit hole of news articles and conspiracy theories – watching the series just won’t be enough. I wholly recommend trying this series out!

There’s definitely going to be more, it won’t be long now until Season 2 of Making A Murderer makes it’s way onto Netflix. What did you think of this series? What are your thoughts on the Stephen Avery case, let me know in the comments!

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