‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Finale: Who Dies? My Predictions

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Finale Who Dies And Other Predictions Negan Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Are you ready for The Walking Dead Season 7 finale?! Despite such a fast-paced start to the season, it has been a difficult ride through this latest season of The Walking Dead. We have had some great character development and some killer scenes from Negan, but the pacing is really off and everything still feels like it’s stalling for the big battle to come in season 8.

Even though the show has been a frustrating watch, there’s still a part of me that’s super excited to see what’s ahead in the season finale. Here’s the season 7 finale episode trailer:

Who’s Going To Die in The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale?

I think we’re used to the fact nowadays the mid-season and season finales are generally gruesome affairs. With the uprising against Negan well and truly under way, he’s certainly going to want to shut that shit down sharpish. Lucille is definitely going to be swinging next episode, and it wouldn’t surprise me if there were casualties on both sides.

Who’s Safer Than Safe? 

  • Negan is probably the safest character in The Walking Dead at the moment. The highlight of the show, and a war on the way we can’t start season 8 without JDM as our big bad guy.
  • I’m going to add Maggie, Carol, Ezekiel, Tara, Jesus, Father Gabriel, Eugene, Morgan and possibly Daryl to the ‘safe list’ I don’t think these guys are going anywhere quite yet…!
  • Would anyone care if Gregory died? Probably not, if it’s a sad episode, it’s probably not going to feature Gregory’s demise.
  • Heath. No one knows where he is, so let’s assume he’s safe or dead already!
  • OceansideRubbish Dump People and Hilltop. The war isn’t here yet so this cannon fodder will be saved for season 8.

Prime Death Suspects? 

'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Finale Who Dies My Predictions.gif

After reading some interviews with cast members, I think we’re in for a heartbreaking episode. Lauren Cohan’s interview with Harper’s Bazaar states: “[It’s] incredibly bittersweet, beautiful, and heartbreaking”. Does bittersweet mean we can expect a selfless sacrifice where we see a couple lose their other half? Whatever happens, I think there’s going to be tears.

  • Sasha. She’s almost signed herself off already, with Eugene’s pills in hand, let’s hope she at least gets a good send off from the show. However, with Sasha and Rosita now saving each other may Rosita is going to return the favour from the previous episode and take the fall.
  • Michonne. Rick and Michonne’s ‘romantic’ episode and the ‘living without each other’ speech makes me think one of them might be on their way. It could be Rick (that would really shake it up) but if that particular episode is foreshadowing then it has to be our favourite sword-wielding hero that may take the blow.
  • Eric. Aaron’s husband has become a slightly more familiar face recently and hasn’t kept quiet voicing his opposition to a war with the Saviours. It would be typical TWD for the unwilling participant to take the fall, but he’s the sort of fringe character that could easily fall. Or, it could be harder for Eric to see Aaron get maliciously beaten up again?
  • Enid. With both Carl and Enid discussing who he did and didn’t kill, will Carl have the heartbreaking task of ‘putting down’ his new girlfriend? Negan has been pretty hellbent on messing with Rick and Carl, and this could literally break Carl if it comes to it.
  • DwightSigning himself up to Alexandria’s cause, this sort of betrayal is something the Negan surely isn’t going to appreciate. He may let Lucille loose on his former ally, that’s if Daryl doesn’t get to him first. Could Sherry be Negan’s new hostage to taunt Dwight with?

These are my prime suspects for deaths in the Walking Dead season 7 finale! Who’s going to go? My verdict Sasha and Eric. I’m all kind of excited to see how this one plays out, let’s hope it fixes what has been a hugely mediocre season.

Who do you think is going to die in The Walking Dead season 7 finale? Who will you be most disappointed to see leave the show? Let me know in the comments below – not long to go now!



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