‘Legion’ Series Review: A Marvel Series Unlike Any Other

Legion is a TV series that may downright confuse you, but once you connect all the dots I think you’ll find this series a thoroughly enjoyable watch. As I stated in my first Legion post, this 8-part show features mutants, but not in the way you would usually expect. The show was outstanding filmed and there was fantastic acting from all parties, especially Aubrey Plaza. Full of intrigue, action, and an added dash of horror and gore, you won’t have seen many shows like Legion before!

A Quick Legion Synopsis 

David Haller (played by Dan Stevens), a diagnosed schizophrenic man discovers he is, in fact, a mutant – and a very powerful one at that! Escaping from the medical facility that keeps him drugged up and docile. David embarks on a new journey with some new fellow mutants in tow. Not only is David pursued by a military task force, but he is tormented by an old mysterious friend, Lennie (played by Aubrey Plaza). The question is, who is Lennie, and why can’t David get her out of his head?

My Verdict on Legion

'Legion' Series Review A Marvel Series Unlike Any Other Dan Stevens Aubrey Plaza This is where the spoilers may kick in. If you haven’t seen the show already, I highly recommend it. Pay attention and keep an open mind, the storytelling may seem disjointed and a bit odd, but once you get used to this I assure you that you’ll be in for a great ride!

Not onto some of the details! I loved the unnerving journeys into David’s mind. The icy parts of the astral plane were maybe a bit too weird, but I loved the shadowy and scary ‘rooms’ that we found in David’s mind. The Angry Boy, the Devil with Yellow Eyes and eventually the character of Lennie were all terrifying incarnations which made worthy villains. Was not expecting this show to be scary, but with David’s troubled past there is certain to be some skeletons hiding in the closet.

For me, the best concept in the film was David as the unreliable narrator. I love experiencing unreliable narrators, as, in David’s case, he does not know his own power, therefore we must discover it alongside him. Director Noah Hawley made the show play out as if events were completely illogical, yet with careful direction, we can eventually make some sense of what is going on. I loved being pulled through the journey of understanding with these characters, my level of intrigue just kept on growing!

Food For Thought

'Legion' Series Review A Marvel Series Unlike Any Other GIF.gif

I feel above all, Legion shows just how scary it can be to be trapped in your own head. In many ways, this show is a look into mental illness and we do see both David and new girlfriend Syd (played by Rachel Keller) discussing how being ‘ill’ isn’t a weakness, it’s part of you. Although we do get superhero-esque scenes of David brushing away soldiers and destroying bases, the true battle lies within his mind.

Despite showing how physical conditions can be difficult to cope with, Legion demonstrates how the goings-on in your mind can be ten times as worse. However, this is some hope as David battles through childhood traumas and deep-rooted fears to beat his condition and to make it into his greatest strength.

What did you think of Legion? Utterly confused or thoroughly thrilled? Let me know in the comments below. Already excited to see what comes our way in season 2!

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