‘Broadchurch’ Series 3 Concludes: Did You Guess The Ending?

Broadchurch S3 Ends Did You Guess The Ending David Tennant Olivia Coleman

The third, and reportedly final season, of Broadchurch, has come to a close, and Trish Winterman’s rapist has been caught. If you don’t want to find out any about the eighth episode in the latest season then look away now!

The dynamic detective duo of Alec Hardy and Ellie Miller have struck again, in what has been a pretty good season of the hit ITV drama. This season was miles better than the disappointment of season 2, but for me, it didn’t quite top the first season. The main question is – did you guess the ending of Broadchurch season 3?

The Perpetrator(s) Revealed

Broadchurch Series 3 Concludes Did You Guess The Ending Michael Leo

The police investigation into the rape of Trish Winterman finally revealed that Michael (the taxi driver’s son) was her attacker, although he was highly abetted by Leo. In typical Broadchurch fashion, Michael was barely in the limelight throughout the investigation. However, through an interview with Clive (the taxi driver), it was revealed that he took both Leo and Michael home from the birthday party, which is the first time they have both been placed at the scene.

The interview with Michael revealed the rest of the disturbing details. Leo, being himself a serial rapist, orchestrated the attack on Trish and forced Michael to go through with the rape. Details such as the football socks, the bright light and the sharing of pornography were revealed to be key. Leo’s comments in the interview room were pretty sickening, as he describes the power he felt again and again by committing rape. The chilling statement which reveals the horror in the workings of Leo’s mind.

An Obvious Ending?

I think as far as twists go, this one was pretty good. Although not completely unguessable, the show made sure that, Michael in particular, was kept in the background of proceedings. You can always tell with Broadchurch that an early narrowing of the police investigation signifies someone’s innocence. We have had a full tour of the skeletons in everyone’s closet, which really wasn’t a pretty sight. Although the reveal of Michael and Leo’s friendship seemed logical and made the conclusion clear and concise.

We also had a sad ending to the ongoing story of the Danny Latimer case. Unable to cope with the burden of not having justice, the Latimer family, Mark especially struggles to continue living without Danny. We see Mark give a final nod to the reverend before he disappears, leaving his family in a mild sense of happiness.

As for Miller and Hardy, we see them simply part ways for the evening as work goes on the day after. Tennant and Colman were a formidable team and the whole three seasons would not have been successful without them. Although I don’t feel Broadchurch needs another season, it will be a shame not to see this pair back in action along the Dorset coast.

What did you think of Broadchurch season 3? Did you guess what was going to happen? Let me know in the comments below!

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