Finally Finished ‘Iron Fist’ On Netflix! Here’s Why I’m So Late

Finally Finished 'Iron Fist' On Netflix! Here's Why I'm So Late

Iron Fist was released an eternity ago on Netflix, and despite being a huge Marvel/Netflix fan, I’ve only just finished the series! The reason I’m so late in finishing? Iron Fist wasn’t a compelling watch. It had all the ingredients for a good series, but when it came down to it, I would often find myself prioritising other shows to watch.

To put it in perspective, I’ve managed to rewatch most of The Walking Dead, a season of Breaking Bad, two seasons of Better Call Saul, a season of The Crown and most of Parks And Recreation in the time in took me to watch Iron Fist. The show isn’t particularly awful and I enjoyed most of the episodes, it was just missing that little something which made me want to regularly come back for more.

My Iron Fist Netflix Review

Iron Fist Floor Punch

In all honesty, it’s not a bad show. You’ve got Danny Rand (played by Finn Jones) returning to New York despite being assumed dead for a number of years. The Rand family business has been taken over by the Meecham family. Danny’s late father’s old business partner Harold Meecham (played by David Wenham), is also presumed dead. In his absence from NYC, Danny has grown up in K’Un Lun (a lost city in Tibet) and has been bestowed the honour of the ‘Iron Fist’ as well as becoming a highly skilled martial artist.

The show ultimately had everything. An interesting premise,  a couple good punch-ups, a huge variety of characters and a pretty familiar foe in the shape Madame Gao & The Hand. I think Iron Fist just lacked a touch of the speed and intensity that we get from fellow shows such as Daredevil and Jessica Jones. Whilst I think the Iron Fist will be a pretty cool inclusion to The Defenders set-up, the plot in this series and the way they dealt with characters simply wasn’t interesting enough.

Finally Finished 'Iron Fist' On Netflix! Here's Why I'm So Late ScreenRant

The first few episodes felt the need to spell out all parts of Danny’s life with sometimes cumbersome interactions with other characters. I get the need to situate characters in Danny’s life, but it took a pretty long time to get there. I felt like the show picked up considerably when the presence of The Hand became more apparent. However, the show had us jet-setting to foreign factories, mystical lands and to Hogwarts-esque ninja schools rather than dealing with the enemies head-on in the streets of New York.

The show couldn’t make up its mind what it wanted to be. Was this a journey into discovering the true identity of Danny Rand? Was it questioning the duty of the Iron Fist? Who are we looking to defeat here? Madame Gau? Harold Meecham? The Hand? Bakuto? There was simply too many tangents and lack of clarity when it came to plot. In some ways the fights felt pretty useless, considering we know The Defenders are set to take on The Hand yet again in the upcoming series.

A Focus On The Positives

Iron Fist Meets Luke Cage

  • Danny Rand Is Pretty Awesome – despite Danny being one of those heroes constantly conflicted with whether he’s on the right path, when it boils down to it he’s a pretty cool customer. I feel when he appears in The Defenders, there will be less emphasis on family ties and romances so the character will thrive more in a set-up where the clear aim is simply to take down the bad guys.
  • Colleen Wing’s Pretty Awesome Too –  as far as sidekicks go, it’s fair to say that Colleen (played by Jessica Henwick) was a badass. I loved the cage fights at the start and her hand=to-hand fighting was on point. Her revealed affiliation with the hand felt pretty useless in the end as all was forgiven pretty quickly.
  • The Fist Is Sure To Make A Dent – Danny’s power, the glowing Iron Fist, was seriously one of the best things about the show. It can deflect bullets, smash walls and even cause shockwaves through the floors. We’ve already had a glimpse in The Defenders trailer about this mystical weapon meeting Luke Cage and I think it’s going to be pretty explosive.

What’s Next For Danny Rand?

The series ended with a bit of an anticlimax for me. Harold Meecham’s finally out of the picture although it looks like Joy and Ward Meecham are sure to be around for that little bit longer. Joy and Davos seem to be cuddling up against Danny for ultimately his destruction of the Rand Corporation and his betrayal of K’un Lun. With Madame Gao listening in over a cuppa I’m sure she’ll be skulking around for a few more series to come.

Danny and Colleen’s two-minute trip around the world sees K’un Lun ultimately destroyed. This conveniently means Danny can be plopped straight back to New York in time for the next series, but it also means he’ll be out to avenge his people and living with the guilt that why he was trying to figure out his own past, he wasn’t there to stop the people supposed to be defending perish at the hand of his enemies.

Whilst I was pretty disappointed with Iron Fist, I have to say I was slightly relieved to see that others were thinking the same. After such a good run of Marvel/Netflix shows so far, it’s always a shame to have a blip in enjoyment. But anyway, with a great Defenders trailer teasing what’s next, here’s hoping for a better series on the horizon!

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  1. Great review! I started this series but actually forgot about finishing it. I got distracted by some other shows and the summer movies. It didn’t have the same punch as Daredevil or Luke Cage. 😦

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