Carnage Is Coming: Can’t Wait For The R-Rated Venom Movie!

Carnage Is Coming! Excited For 2018 Venom Movie DeviantArt

Carnage is coming! We haven’t even seen Spiderman: Homecoming yet and we’re already being told what to expect next from a new age of Spiderman films. I was overjoyed to see the Venom movie announced especially with Tom Hardy at the helm as the blue symbiotic Marvel villain (A.K.A. Eddie Brock). Although he may not be the big new baddie as the supervillain Carnage has been announced as the villain for the Venom film (which will be released in 2018).

For me, Carnage and Venom were the highlights of the Spiderman 2001 Playstation 1 game. For an absolute nostalgia trip, check out some classic YouTube clips here.

Who Is Carnage?

Carnage is one of the more, let’s say, batshit crazy villains from the Marvel Comic Universe. Carnage (A.K.A Cletus Kasady) was once a prolific serial killer. He had a damaged childhood after killing his own grandmother and testified against his father (who killed his mother), resulting in his father getting electric chaired. After a prison breakout, Kasady’s body merges with an alien symbiote (very similar to Venom). The symbiote can come and go from the host’s body, but it can give enhanced strength, shape-shifting ability, and web-like tendrils. Due to Kasady’s mild insanity, the Carnage symbiote is extremely deadly and hellbent on destruction.

Check out the full Carnage character synopsis here.

What’s The Carnage/Venom Story?

Carnage Is Coming! Excited For 2018 Venom Comic Book Picture

In the comics (and in the PS1 game!) despite Venom’s supervillain status, he agrees to fight Carnage alongside Spiderman. Carnage and Venom are intrinsically linked as they are both dependent on the Symbiotic form for their power. I guess the film may depict their power struggle over the alternative form and I’m hoping the film depicts the initial prison breakout and the creation of Carnage. The promised R-rating on the film gives me hope that they aren’t going to hold back with this one. I’m hoping for a dark, grisly and gory battle between these two comic book legends.

Who’s Playing Carnage in The Venom Movie?

We know Tom Hardy is playing Eddie Brock – awesome casting choice! But who will become this brand new psycho supervillain? It’s gonna have be one hell of a talented actor to pull this one off! I can see Sam Rockwell as Carnage, especially after his role as ‘Wild Bill’ in The Green Mile, but I think other well-established actors such as Jared Leto or even Andy Serkis giving the role a pretty awesome go.Jim Carrey also seems a fan-favourite, but I’m not so sure. It’s going to be interesting, let’s just hope they don’t mess it up!

Venom In Spiderman 3

We have seen Venom brought onto the silver screen before in the original Spiderman trilogy with Tobey Maguire. However, with Topher Grace as Venom and a slightly disappointing outing, there’s plenty of room for improvement. I hoping Venom takes a similar course to Deadpool, with his first solo R-rated movie being a smash-hit. Let’s just hope they don’t fill the film with too many villains and too many new characters. I’m really hoping for a darker Watchmen feel to the film.

However, Venom isn’t released until 2018, so there’s plenty of time left to speculate! The director has been announced and Zombieland’s Ruben Fleischer and  a handful of writers have also been revealed. Keep up to date with all the latest info and announcements on the Venom IMDb page!

PHOTO CREDIT: Awesome header photo discovered here on DeviantArt!

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