Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage or Iron Fist? Who Is The Best Defenders Member?

The Defenders is almost upon us, it’s almost time for this new superhero team to form! We’ve had five solo seasons of build-up readying us for this team-up, so it’s fair to say that expectations are high. The trailer has already shown Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist meeting up, so I thought it was time to update my Is Luke Cage Better Than Daredevil and Jessica Jones? list with a brand new post!

Who Is The Best Defenders Member?

Best Season So Far

Best Defenders Series Jessica Jones Krysten Ritter GIF

JESSICA JONES – easily my favourite series so far, Jessica Jones was dark, daring and it had fricken David Tennant in it! Kilgrave was a mind-boggling bad guy by Marvel standards, and the show delved into both gory and psychological warfare. All of the subplots and side characters worked well, and I was stuck wanting a lot more!

Best Hero So Far

LUKE CAGE – how could I not pick the über honourable Luke Cage as the best hero so far. Daredevil came pretty close, but the fact that Luke is Harlem’s hero, a man of the people and promoting unity, put him on top for me. His super strength is a sideshow compared to his love for Harlem, his selflessness and loyalty is what makes him a real hero.

Best Villain So Far

Best Defenders Marvel Villain Fisk Daredevil

WILSON FISK  – the fact that hearing his name mentioned sends shudders down the spine gives credit to how good Fisk is. He was amazingly portrayed in both Daredevil series as we got up close and personal with Wilson. Shown as being both a softy and man capable of smashing heads with car doors, his brute force, cruelty and cunning is what makes him the most formidable villain.

Best Sidekick So Far

KAREN PAGE – excluding Claire from this category, Karen fights off stiff competition to be my favourite ‘sidekick’ (for lack of a better word). Fierce and feisty, Karen’s sheer determination pushes her through the lawsuit with Union Allied and her journalism even gets her mention in Iron Fist! Hoping she has a solid role in the Punisher after their story in Daredevil S1!

Best Claire Inclusion So Far

 IRON FIST – the badass Night Nurse was the shining light in Iron Fist (reviewed here!) and I think it’s the best she’s been. Luke Cage was where she started to shine, but the way Rosario Dawson made this season semi-bearable was certainly her better performance. She certainly steadied the ship whilst Danny and Coleen where off throwing weird ninja moves.

Best Fight Sequence So Far

DAREDEVIL – the Devil Of Hell’s Kitchen has brought us some of the best action sequences, especially when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. The original one-shot corridor scene made falling in love with Daredevil all too easy, and although we’ve been treated to many awesome sequences, the first one is always the best.

Best Moment So Far

FISK/PUNISHER MEET – I definitely have talked enough about Frank Castle in this post! The first half of Daredevil season 2 was just epic, and the Punisher’s rise to power was topped off with his meeting Fisk in the prison courtyard. Their meeting was just a draw-dropping stuff, and the havoc which ensued is a solid reason to pay for your Netflix subscription.

Verdict – Who Is The Best Defender?

Who Is The Best Defender GIF Marvel Netflix Series

It just has to be Daredevil right? I know Matt Murdoch has had an extra season of content compared to the others, but the fighting and sheer amount of cool characters and big moments make Daredevil my favourite Defender! If he could stop messing with Elektra and Stick, then I’d probably like him even more…!

I would have Luke and Jessica in a close second, and then Iron Fist last (sorry Danny!). Am hoping the Defenders mini-series brings all the team together and lets them all shine!

All that’s left now is to see the team unite! The trailer has already given us a glimpse of what to come, especially with Sigourney Weaver showing up, but we’ll have to wait until August 18th to see the series released. There’s a chance we get to see more revealed at SDCC, but let’s wait and see for that one!

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