‘Baby Driver’ Full Film Review: Speedy, Slick & Sophisticated

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Some films simply reek of being an all-out throwaway project. Designed to be a quick money-grabbing flick, these films the ones which disappoint every single time. However, I was delighted to see that Baby Driver felt like a true labour of love. Carefully directed, created and choreographed, you simply have to be swept away with this epic new 2017 film.

Edgar Wright directs this film where Baby (Ansel Elgort), a ridiculously-talented getaway driver, finds himself getting in a little too deep with the criminals he works with. The film is crammed with big names and even bigger performances from the likes of Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, Jon Hamm and Jon Bernthal, with Lily James playing Baby’s love interest.

Baby Driver Film Review

Now I’m not one for car movies, but Baby Driver is so much more than that! The chase scenes and driving sequences were incredibly fun, yet the most stand out feature has to be the film soundtrack. Featuring a Guardians Of The Galaxy-esque mixtape, Baby uses music to block out the tinnitus ringing in his ears. He lives through music and, in many ways, so does the film. Selected songs fitted perfectly into driving and action sequences and certainly showed how music and film should overlap.

As with all the other films to his name, nothing ever feels wasted in an Edgar Wright film. Just like with Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, every piece of dialogue and action has meaning and repercussions throughout the film. Like I mentioned before, nothing is throwaway or under-considered, everything you get presented with has been crafted to be the very best it can be. The film completely demands your full attention and more often than not, you’ll probably be very happy to give it!

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Any negatives? I’ll admit to slight ‘uninterest’ in Baby’s new love story as, with some of the musical interludes, it felt like we were back in La La Land! However, whilst the love story was always clamouring to get in the front seat, I’m glad that the central heists and crime storyline continually took the wheel (see what I did there?!).

Would I recommend Baby Driver? Most definitely! You don’t have to be an Edgar Wright aficionado to appreciate just how great this film is. The flawless high-octane action sequences often make it hard to come up for air, and although the destination isn’t completely original, the drive and journey there is well-worth fastening your seatbelts for!

  • Loved the soundtrack? Check out the killer tracks over on Spotify!
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