‘The Mummy’ Review: Bringing A Franchise Back To Life. 

If like me, a lot of your childhood was filled with watching the Mummy franchise featuring Brendan Frasier unfold, then you probably uttered a slight eye-roll when you saw that Tom Cruise would be bringing this franchise back to life (albeit a little excited too). Although it possesses no direct reference to the more famous series of films, the whole storyline and even typography is pretty damn similar! To be honest, there isn’t much more you can do with an “evil mummy” storyline…

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Getting off to a slow start, this film offers up a weird and perhaps clunky mix of both action and humour. There are scenes where they try to play the humour card, and it just feels out of place and unnaturally juxtaposed to the action packed, monster hunter feel the film also tries to obtain. This film comes across as more of a crowd pleaser than a directed Fantasy/Action genre. With CGI playing a large role, the cinematography is commendable, but I couldn’t help but think of Iron Maiden and Eddie The Head when certain scenes, as shown below, appeared on screen… (Iron Maiden take note, this’d make a great album cover)


Imagery aside, the storyline is okay, and was enough to keep me entertained through to the end. Focusing mainly on Tom Cruises’ character, “Nick Morton” and his cursed love match to the patricidal demon princess “Ahmanet”, this film doesn’t really seem to take off in any shape or form. What’s more, I feel the addition of the “monster hunter doctor” – a.k.a Dr. Jekyll, (played by Russell Crowe), is somewhat out of place. I feel that they tried to justify the Fantasy/Monster Infused Genre by implementing a cross reference to something seemingly irrelevant. Hailed as a character who’s main purpose is to “examine and contain” monsters, I feel this doesn’t appear to fit with the whole Ancient Egyptian Mummified Princess theme, but that may just be me!


Overall the film was captivating, yet lacked in any form a manner of purpose – aside from lining Tom Cruises’ pockets. Like many, I was curious to see what more could be done to the much loved Imhotep infused films, but this slight movie flop is perhaps just a “One Watch Wonder”. What did you think of The Mummy? We’d love to know! Hit us up in the comments below.

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