SDCC 2017 Trailers That You Have To Be Excited About

SDCC 2017 Trailers That You Have To Be Excited About Stranger Things 2

San Diego Comic Con has gifted us yet again with a huge batch of new and exciting trailers, posters and goodies from all of our favourite film franchises. Marvel, DC and Netflix show fans are sure to be delighted with the quality of SDCC 2017 Trailers! In case you’ve been living under a rock over this past weekend, here’s the best of the bunch.

Stranger Things 2

Damn, this looks good! With it’s every-so-spooky Halloween theme, this trailer is an absolute thriller. Looks like poor Will Byers hasn’t escaped from the terrors of the Upside-Down yet, and I bet a few friends will be more than willing to sort it out. The trailer shows all the boys, Eleven, Hopper and Joyce back in action. Check out the continued hype about ‘Justice For Barb‘ after Shannon Purser’s (Barb) panel appearance.


Yup, the new Defenders series is a month away, but Marvel is still popping out new trailers and new promotional content. This trailer is the first time we get more focus on Elektra, and it looks as though Sigourney Weaver is training up the Hand’s deadliest weapon yet. The show looks sassy, badass and I just can’t wait. Check out my Defenders hero comparison here!

Thor: Ragnarok

A little less musical than the previous trailer, this SDCC 2017 trailer gives more insight into the characters involved in Thor’s next film. Saw a few clips from the Thor: Ragnarok panel, and it certainly seems like they’re ready to take the character in a new direction. Really getting the vibe that this will be a comedy-buddy flick between Thor and Hulk, but hey, there’s no complaints here.

The Walking Dead

AMC dropped a HUGE trailer for season 8 of The Walking Dead with 5 whole minutes of trailer time. Arguably showing a lot more than what was needed, this trailer is a huge fan highlight reel with Negan speeches, Daryl blowing things up and the internet going crazy about what a glimpse of ‘Old Man Rick’ could really mean.

Justice League

So I’m closing my eyes and crossing my fingers that DC manage to pull off another Wonder Woman rather than another Suicide Squad! The trailer looks pretty decent in my opinion, and whilst I’m more excited for other things, this will certainly be a film worth watching. Speaking of Batman, have you seen Negan’s latest news?

Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle

Great new little trailer for Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle! The film looks like an awesome action flick and certainly sticks to its strengths from the first outing. The cast looks great with Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and Oberyn Martell showing up. It will definitely be a film that will be topping my autumn watchlist!


Looks likes Ramsay Bolton’s gone all inhuman with this fantastic new Marvel trailer. I literally know nothing about this area of the Marvel universe, although it looks like there’s a pretty interesting story to be told. Really hoping to get a Legion vibe from this Marvel TV series, although from what we’ve seen so far, this one will probably be on a much larger and action-packed scale.

Aaaand breathe! Superhero and geeky film fans have been truly treated following this year’s Comic Con, and I’m truly jealous of anyone that got to be there! Still clock watching and hoping for a Star Wars or an Avengers: Infinity War trailer to be released, but we might have to wait just that little bit longer!

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  1. Going to comic con someday is on my bucket list, but catching up with these trailers is the next best thing. 🙂 I was really worried about justice League after Suicide Squad but Wonder Woman has given me hope!

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