‘Game Of Thrones’ S7E4 ‘Spoils Of War’ Episode Review

'Game Of Thrones' S7E4 'Spoils Of War' Episode Review

I think all queries about ‘Spoils Of War’, Game Of Thrones’ latest episode, being only 50 minutes long now seem meaningless after THAT end battle scene. Can we even call it a battle? It was a massacre! An angry Dany literally incinerated a large chunk of the Lannister army, as well as most the supplies taken from Highgarden. Season 7 treated us to possibly one of the best GoT episodes yet, and I can’t wait to talk about it!

Burn Baby Burn!

'Game Of Thrones' S7E4 'Spoils Of War' Episode Review Daenerys

The Mother Of Dragons released hell on an unsuspecting Jaime Lannister, as well as introducing him to a ferocious Dothraki hoard. There were some truly spectacular shots of Drogon swooping over the hillside and laying waste to foot soldiers, does it get much better than that? The sheer terror of seeing bodies burnt to ash and taken in the wind was truly insane, it was certainly a play of events to rival the Battle Of The Bastards!

And if dragon fire wasn’t enough for you, we’ve got Jaime and Bronn caught in the middle, as well as Dany and Drogon at the receiving end of Qyburn’s monster arrow. Pure anarchy! So many lives on the line! Thinking the only thing that saved Jaime and Bronn was their need for their stories to close with a bit more of a wrap-up. Although with Tyrion watching in the wings, I did think Jaime was pretty much brown bread when charging at a fallen and wounded dragon.

*Side Eye Intensifies*

'Game Of Thrones' S7E4 'Spoils Of War' Episode Review Brienne

With Arya finally returning to Winterfell, the Sansa-Baelish simmering pot behaviour may start to boil. Little Finger looks like he may be pushed into a corner with Bran spouting his ‘chaos is a ladder’ line and deadly Arya on his case. If Baelish feels threatened he will most certainly strike, whether that’s giving Sansa an ultimatum or running off to Cersei, we will see!

I think every fan out there was overjoyed with the Brienne and Arya ‘spar’. A lovely moment between two great characters, which is probably long overdue. Not sure if Sansa’s looking on in jealousy or worry, I just hope she doesn’t do any stupid. Hoping Brienne puts an end to Little Finger and maybe slaps a bit of gratitude into Bran (poor Meera).

Cave Drawings & Slimy Bankers

Elsewhere in Westeros, nothing much happened compared to the fiery last 10-15 minutes! Jon and Thoen reunite awkwardly on the beach, Missandei shares some wisdom of home, Jon shows off some extremely realistic cave drawings and Cersei seems to have the backing of Mark Gatiss and the Iron Bank.

I feel the big questions of this episode have to be regarding the direction that Daenerys is taking. With a bit of a ‘burn them all’ attitude, I think the heroic breaker of chains may be becoming a wee bit of a tyrant. Seemingly unable to win battles with Tyrion’s tactics, she seems all too willing to crank up the heat. I don’t think it’ll be long until the like of Tyrion and Varys start to question their allegiance. I feel Davos questioning Missandei on her ability to leave may also be a poignant piece of dialogue.

This tweet certainly shows how we were watching the end scene! I’m 100% ready for next week (as I’m sure we all are). Expecting a bit of a slower episode, but since we’re already nearing the end of season 7, I feel a few characters may be bowing out for good!

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