‘Game Of Thrones’ S7E5 ‘Eastwatch’ Episode Review

'Game Of Thrones' S7E5 'Eastwatch' Episode Review Tyrion Lannister

Game Of Thrones had a big job to do with ‘Eastwatch’ this week, especially after me being in complete awe of ‘Spoils Of War’. This week’s episode was pretty damn good, minus the epic battles, although still a hefty dose of dragon fire. I’ve said it before, but Daenerys is incredibly close to falling off her rocker, but by the looks of it, they all might be. Plenty went on in ‘Eastwatch’ so let’s try and sum up all the goings-on in Westeros this week!

Winter’s Here, But Everything’s Heating Up!

'Game Of Thrones' S7E5 'Eastwatch' Episode Review Walkers

With Jaime and Bronn escaping down the river, Daenerys has the rest of the Lannister men and the Tarlys in her grasp. In soon-to-be Mad King fashion, she burnt Randyll and Dickon to a crisp in front of our very eyes (Poor Sam). A show of power, yes, but maybe a little bit too ferocious for Dany. Tyrion is right to be worried, and I think Varys may be heading off before long if his Queen’s behaviour doesn’t change.

Speaking of questionable Queen behaviour, Cersei’s looking to go loud and proud with Jaime being the father of her new unborn baby. She’s quite rightfully annoyed at Jaime for meeting Tyrion, but I feel Mr Kingslayer needs to get out of there before she goes totally crazy. Didn’t quite catch what she was muttering to Qyburn, but I’m sure it’s something truly horrific.

And, speaking of truly horrific, let’s talk about Littlefinger, the man at the very top of my GoT hit list. Captain Sneaky is playing games with Arya, but we really don’t know how savvy she is to it. I suppose the best end for Baelish would be him outsmarted by a little girl, but I’ve got a grim feeling that he’ll play too dirty to lose. Arya did find Sansa’s forced letter to brother Robb tucked away in the mattress, unsure as to what it means yet!

Can They Call A Truce?

'Game Of Thrones' S7E5 'Eastwatch' Episode Review Jon Dragon

Nah, the great war would be too easy if everyone bent the knee and clobbered together against the White Walkers (who are still walking by the looks of it). Was pretty surprised at Daenerys for agreeing to support Jon, but she must enjoy the way he handles his dragons. (Blatant Rhaegar name drop from Gilly shows that we’re definitely headed in that direction).

I think Cersei is way too stubborn and callous to ever believe in such a ghost story. But I think that will be her demise. The only way to get King’s Landing’s support against the army of the dead is with someone else on the Iron Throne. Cue Kingslayer, right? Would be pretty dark to see Jaime kill his lover and unborn child, but someone wearing Jaime’s face might be more than up to the task.

All Around Me Are Familiar Faces

'Game Of Thrones' S7E5 'Eastwatch' Episode Review Jorah Dany

Spoiled to high-heavens by IMDb, and all of the sites that pointed to the fact, but Gendry is back in Game Of Thrones. Davos quite easily found him lurking away in Flea Bottom, and I’ve got to say that hammer is pretty damn awesome. I’m sure Melissandre will be keen to see Gendry again, but it will be interesting to see what part he plays in the war.

The episode concluded with a huge coming together of characters, all helpfully recognising each other. Now, Jon, Davos, Gendry, Jorah, Tormund, The Hound and The Brotherhood are heading North Of The Wall. I guess with Clegane heading northbound anyway this meeting was pretty inevitable. The concluding sequence left us with a not-too-mean of a cliffhanger finish. Really can’t wait to see what crops up next week!

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