‘Defenders’ Review: A Kickass Marvel Netflix Series 

'Defenders' Review A Kickass Marvel Netflix Series Dinner Scene

Damn, I loved Defenders! The highly anticipated ‘team-up’ series of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage & Iron Fist is certainly a joy to watch. The four individual ‘heroes’ join forces to take on the biggest (and latest) threat to NYC – The Hand. I particularly enjoyed this 8-part series as it wasn’t cliche, had a good balance of action vs. development and played to all of the characters’ individual strengths.

It’s a highly enjoyable ride and one that won’t take many binge sittings to complete. Check out my spoiler-free review here!

So let’s get down to which parts of Defenders I enjoyed the most. I’ll be spoiler-free for this one!

An Awesome Coming Together Of Heroes

'Defenders' Review A Kickass Marvel Netflix Series Midland Circle

With a series each under their belts (or two for Daredevil), we were witnessing the coming together of characters we all know and love. The series carefully handled not only the main Defenders but brought along familiar faces like Foggy, Misty, Claire, Coleen, Karen and even Hogarth along for the ride. If you loved all the series up until now, then you’ll most definitely love this one.

I felt like Defenders was a true culmination of everything that has happened so far. We know everything about these characters already and, in true Marvel style, there was plenty of nods and references to events that have happened throughout all of them. Our familiarity with these characters certainly helped the series flow as we already know what drives and what weakens this rag-tag bunch of heroes. Although some character destinations may have been obvious, I was pretty happy to be taken along for their latest ride.

I really loved how the show kicked off. I have read a few criticisms which state the first two episodes to be a little slow. Through their own means, each character slowly found their own way down the trail meeting at various instances along the way. I really liked the Jessica/Matt meet up, as well as the initial fisticuffs between Luke and Danny. The way they seemed to all stumble into one another was great and didn’t feel forced at all.

The Devil, The Unbreakable Man, The Detective & The Kid With The Glowing Fist

'Defenders' Review A Kickass Marvel Netflix Series Daredevil.gif

Once formed (that’s not really a spoiler), they all seemed to bounce off each other. The dialogue and dynamic within the team were great, especially with Jessica and Luke having their eyes opened to a whole world they knew nothing about. I thought Jessica Jones shone in this team of heroes, despite being the only one not knowing karate.

The fight scenes were strong. Sometimes they can feel oppressive (like in Daredevil) or just a bit ridiculous (like in Iron Fist). The swarms of ninjas felt pretty right this time and although I didn’t take too much to Sigourney Weaver’s Alexandra, the Hand itself were a pretty formidable foe.

My favourite scene has to be in the restaurant. The dinner conversation was so well done and showed an interaction between the heroes that you rarely get in Marvel or DC. The new team clearly didn’t trust each other initially, and it was great to see that develop and grow throughout.

Pretty Colours Everywhere

'Defenders' Review A Kickass Marvel Netflix Series Luke Cage

To conclude, I’d love to talk about the use of colours in how it was filmed. The solo series were all about colours, each hero has their own theme and style throughout. In case you hadn’t noticed, Daredevil is Red, Jessica is Blue, Luke is Yellow and Iron Fist is Green. Through setting, costume, backlighting and more each hero has their own distinct shade.

As shown in the opening credits (which were super cool I have to say) the Defenders is the coming together of these individual colours. Each character-based scene or setting maintained that shade and often showed two or more colours coming together. The scenes in the restaurant especially showed this really well. The vibrant and bright colours made it feel so much like a comic or graphic novel.

Between these colours, soundtrack and the city-shots between scenes, I really loved how Defenders was put together. I managed to watch in tow days but I imagine it’s possible to do it in a lot less time! Plenty to enjoy and plenty to get through. I hope you enjoy watching Defenders as much as I did!


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