‘13 Reasons Why’ Review: Justifying why this series matters.

A series that’s guaranteed to grab your attention, 13 Reasons Why is definitely not one to miss. Despite the backlash and complaints regarding its “hard-hitting” content, this original series from Netflix, in my opinion, was one that needed to be created.

Based around tapes recorded by the since deceased teenager Hannah Baker, this series details the thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. With each tape and episode debuting as an emotional audio diary as to how and why the actions of certain characters affected Hannah’s tragic decision, this series hits a number of controversial, and perhaps relatable topics. With the tapes being passed around to those that gave Hannah a reason as to why she would end her life, this series focuses predominately on her close friend and fellow employee, Clay Jensen.


With Clay taking longer to complete the tapes than the others, this emotional series highlights a number of key topics relevant to not only teen culture, but also society as a whole. Touching on aspects of bullying, self-harm, sexual assault, and even homosexuality, this series is one that each and every viewer can relate to on some level. Designed to be uncomfortable at times, this Netflix Original works well to emphasise how much the ‘teenage experience’ has shifted since the 80’s and 90’s.

Not a series that’s designed to be binge watched, 13 Reasons Why stands out in more ways that one. Boasting enough mystery and emotional scenarios to suffice a ‘once a day’ or ‘once a week’ rationing, this well-directed series will no doubt take you on an emotional roller-coaster.


Albeit graphic at times, I feel that that is why the series stands out. Designed to make the audience feel uncomfortable and for them to shift a little in their seats, this must-watch series takes those naturally uncomfortable and un-easy scenarios of bullying, grief, and harassment and serves them justice. Such scenarios are not easy to live with, so why should watching them unfold just be a walk in the park, right?

Rounding off the series with an important note – “It Gets Better”, 13 Reasons Why deserves a watch. With many humorous moments to balance out the much more serious notes, this Original Series is guaranteed to make you think.

What did you think of 13 Reasons Why? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Drop us a comment in the box below.

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