‘It’ Full Film Review: Pennywise Ain’t Clownin’ Around

'It' Full Film Review Pennywise Ain't Clownin' Around Bill Skarsgard.pn

Now one of the most successful horror films to ever be released, this new 2017 adaptation of Stephen King’s It is taking the world by storm. Whilst not the scariest film I’ve ever seen, It doesn’t make for a comfortable ride. The dark undertones and frankly bizarre horror scenes don’t always make for an easy watch. It played out like Stranger Things on acid, and I think that’s something many viewers will certain appreciate!

Plenty of spoilers in this one, here’s my It Full Film Review!

You’ll Float Too

'It' Full Film Review Pennywise Ain't Clownin' Around Georgie Death.gif

Considering the amount of hype and public exposure It has received, I’m so glad that I enjoyed it. There’s rarely a dull moment in the dark tale of the Losers Club battling an entity most often shaped like Pennywise The Dancy Clown! There are scarier films out there in terms of tension and jump-scares, but that’s not what It is really going for. The film goes more into the torment of characters, rather than slow panning shots of dark rooms. There’s a sense of inescapability about It as even in the safety of home, the kids are constantly facing cruelty and problems.

With the pure focus of this film focusing on the kids, I’m glad that I liked each and every one of them. No poor performances, and because of Finn Wolfhard, I couldn’t shake those Stranger Things feelings. It was a real coming-of-age film where if the horror bits weren’t for you, then the whole friendship story is easy to get along with. Expect Mum jokes and impromptu f-bombs. If anything, you’ll end up laughing through plenty of scenes.

Pennywise Makes For The Perfect Villain

'It' Full Film Review Pennywise Ain't Clownin' Around Pennywise The Dancing Clown

A fear of clowns growing up means that I have never watched the original version of It, nor touched the book. I made sure I was feeling brave for this one, and it was pretty damn worth it. Whilst there are plenty of worse monsters hiding around the dark corners of horror cinema, I think many will struggle to be as unsettling as Pennywise. Unpredictable, unnerving and just plain weird, Bill Skarsgard was awesome in this film.

I loved how the film just cut the crap of hiding the monsters, Pennywise was always there messing with your head and playing tricks. You rarely got the chance to brace before a Pennywise appearance, making his presence more intense and plain unnerving. My only wish is to discover a little more of his motives, I loved so much about his character but I needed a little more about him; so glad to see a chapter 2 on the way!

Cinema Trip Worthy?

Yes! I wouldn’t delay in watching It. Tempted to go again for sure, but I reckon this is definitely a popcorn on the sofa kind of movie when it eventually comes out. Watching It has inspired me to pick up the book, so hopefully, I’ll be able to gain a little more insight into the characters and what all the goings-on in Derry really mean!

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out this interview with Bill Skarsgard, AKA Pennywise the Dancing Clown!

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  1. I’m not sure how your screening was but I’ve heard that seeing it in a full theater is a fun experience. I went in the morning on opening weekend and the crowd was dead but I’ve had great experiences with full crowds at nighttime showings for horror films in the past. I’m glad the film is doing well as I really enjoyed it quite a bit.

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