‘Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie’ Review: Behind The Scenes Of The World’s Most Infamous Church

If you’re a mad fan of Louis Theroux and his entertaining yet detailed Documentaries, then this is the film for you! Providing us with a detailed insight into one of the worlds most controversial religious followings, Louis delves deep to help unveil some of Scientology’s most deepest and darkest secrets.

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Vacation (2015) – Film Review

The latest comedy to come out this summer, is Vacation, a kind-of reboot of the old Vacation films starring Chevy Chase. A standard family road trip story with discontent children and the married couple that are seemingly growing apart. There’s no new innovations in the plotlines department, but that isn’t what we look for in a comedy of this kind.

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Trainwreck (2015) – Film Review

I always worry about seeing new comedies in the cinema, there’s always a bit of a hit or miss risk which you worry about, especially after forking out for an expensive ticket. At least with an action film you can be wowed by some effects even if it is Transformers 3, but comedies are laid pretty bare in the cinema, laugh or go home disappointed. I’m pleased to say that Trainwreck did not disappoint.

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