My name is Sam, and I love writing about the latest films and my most recent Netflix series binge! I love writing, I am an English graduate and am also working as an SEO Content Writer. I love creating my own content and making it look as good as possible – views and likes are just a bonus!

I love writing about anything Star Wars or Marvel, and I just can’t get enough of The Walking Dead. I love taking trips to the cinema to see the latest films, so will keep up to date with the most recent film releases!

Here’s a link to my most successful blog posts, and the ones I am most proud of: My Best Reviews.

None of the pictures, GIFs or videos are my own, I link or reference where I can but I’m by no means claiming ownership of any of them!

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Please use the form below if you want to get in touch. I am more than happy to post on behalf of others, all posts will be correctly credited and can be reblogged. Requests to be authors or contributors will be considered. I can’t promise hundreds of views but I always enjoy getting the work of others on my blog, it varies the content and gets another viewpoint into the mix.

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